Research on how babies learn to talk by former Johns Hopkins doctoral student Jenny Culbertson
featured on Good Morning America.

Barbara Landau's Williams Syndrome research featured in Arts & Sciences Magazine

The Cognitive Science Department collaborates with the Walters Art Museum on the exhibit,
Puzzles of the Brain: An Artist's Journey through Amnesia. Find out more>>

Paul Smolensky (JHU) presents “Human language is profoundly shaped by its neural substrate.”
Tomaso Poggio (MIT) presents “The computational magic of the ventral stream: a theory. Find out more>>

The Cognitive Science Department provides theoretically-oriented research and training opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and post doctoral fellows. As a fully autonomous academic unit, we provide a focused environment that is wholly dedicated to the multi-disciplinary intellectual challenge of integrating contemporary approaches to the study of the mind/brain. Find out how to apply to our Ph.D. program.

Gradient Symbolic Computation Workshop
November 14th - 15th, the department will hosted a workshop focusing on the role of gradient representations in sentence processing. More information can be found here.

Grant news
Two new grants in CogSci: Dr. Akira Omaki was awarded an NSF grant titled Development and adaptation of active dependency completion mechanisms, to run for four years starting in Fall 2014.  In addition, a collaborative team with Dr. Marina Bedny (PBS) as PI, with Dr. Akira Omaki and Dr. Pablo Celnik (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Neurology) as co-PIs, was awarded a Science of Learning grant titled Insights into Human Learning and Development from Visual Cortex Plasticity in Blindness.  Congratulations!

NEW Master of Arts Program in Cognitive Science Approved!
On June 20, 2014, our new cognitive science M.A. program was approved by MHEC for implementation. This one-year, intensive program will begin accepting its inaugural round of applications in Fall 2014 (deadline: January 1, 2015) for enrollment in Summer 2015 or Fall 2015. Admissions information has been published with program information to follow soon. Please visit our website again to find out more.

Fall 2014 Incoming New Graduate Students
Announcing our newest cohort of graduate students admitted to the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program. Let's welcome Nick Becker, Pang Chaisilprungraung, Karen Clothier, Emory Davis, and Mackenzie Young. A hearty congratulations goes out to these five remarkable students.

The Brain and Cognition Lecture, held every two years with PBS and MBI, was a success on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 3:00 pm in Mason Hall. Dr. Tomaso Poggio from MIT and Dr. Paul Smolensky from JHU were the speakers. This year’s topic was “Computational Approaches to Mind and Brain.” 


The Excellence in Cognitive Science Award is given each year to a graduating Cognitive Science major with the strongest combination of academic excellence and outstanding accomplishment in research. This year, Malinda McPherson was the selected recipient. Congratualtions, Malinda!

  Congratulations to our postdoctoral fellow Shevaun Lewis for being granted a Teaching Post-Doc Award by the Office of the Dean. In Fall 2014, Shevaun will be instructing a new Freshman Seminar course for the Department of Cognitive Science entitled "Born to Talk: Language in the Human Mind" (AS.050.128).

Accolades go out to graduate student Katrina Ferrara for being one of two recipients of the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award for teaching assistants, sponsored by the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Office of the Dean.

Science of Learning Symposium: JHU hosted a symposium on the science of learning, involving many members of the Cognitive Science department, including faculty members Barbara Landau (also director of the Science of Learning Institute), Michael McCloskey, and recent departmental visitor Sharon Goldwater.